Right Turn Yuma Veterans Assistance


Provide homeless or at risk of being homeless veterans with a permanent transition from homelessness to financial and social independence by providing transitional housing to include room and board, assistance in obtaining financial independence, medical benefits and services, and re-engagement with community and family


Donations are such a vital part of our organization and we appreciate any and all donations made towards our program.  Various examples of donations include; Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, CFC Combined Federal Campaign, Arizona State Employee Charitable Contributions. 

Right Turn for Yuma Veterans is a new program within Child and Family Services, Inc. of Yuma, Arizona.  Child & Family Services of Yuma, Inc (CFS) is a non-profit agency that has provided quality services to children and their families since 1979.  We are a community based program that relies heavily on local fundraising and donations.  

Right Turn for Yuma Veterans offers transitional housing in a group home setting for up to six male veterans who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.  A clean, comfortable, and safe environment provides our participants with a reliable stepping off point for return to independence. 

We offer coordination of services and coaching where needed to assist veterans in taking the steps necessary to solve their own problems. 

When a qualified veteran is processed into the program, he meets with the program manger to discuss his specific needs for services.  During this one on one interaction, the veteran identifies the problems that he must resolve in order to, once again, become an independent and contributing member of society.   With the assistance of the program manager, he develops a detailed written plan for addressing these problems.

As the veteran continues in the program, he meets once each week with the program manager to discuss his successes and difficulties in completing specific activities for achieving independence.  These meetings are often informal peer counseling events, with a lot of listening on the part of the program manager.  

Licensed therapists provide a weekly group therapy session to the participants in the program.  These sessions are conducted within the comfort of the residence. 

In addition to the scheduled weekly meetings, interaction with staff at the facility is generally available to all participants during regular business hours.  Staff also participate in recreational activities during unscheduled events.  For example, several current participants enjoy the game of dominos and hold games in the residence.  Staff members are often invited, and those who are available participate in these events.  Another example of staff interaction with the veterans is the breakfast that staff prepared and served to the residents in celebration of Veteran’s Day. 

Veterans are encouraged to volunteer in the community, participate in community activities, seek out and participate in healthy recreational activities, and to build beneficial friendships. 

The interaction between residents in the group living environment is very beneficial.  The men practice many social skills necessary for living together in a positive and uplifting manner.  This contributes to the success of each veteran upon returning to work, and in becoming involved in community activities.  They actively practice appropriate conflict resolution, shared responsibility and shared goal setting activities.  The men share the responsibilities of household chores, cooking, yard work and minor maintenance activities.  They develop friendships which will be valuable to them indefinitely as they return to independent living. 

When our veterans initially enter our program we observe that they had lackluster expressions, seemed dejected and/or anxious.  Most have no income or income prospects.  They communicate minimally with staff members and little or none with other residents.  Several have unresolved medical issues. Most are not participating in any community activities and had very limited or no ties to the community. 

During their continued participation, we observe increased expressions of hope, a sense of pride and increased self-confidence in all of the participants.  The veterans verbally express appreciation and often celebrate their achievements openly with staff members and other residents.  Most have applied for and been interviewed for employment and/or hired for a new position.  Others have successfully completed processes necessary for receiving earned retirement benefits.  Participants interact with staff members and other residents in an upbeat and positive manner.  Those with medical issues have obtained treatments necessary for resolving medical issues prior to returning to work, or continue to actively address those issues.  Our veterans participate in bowling, church activities, volunteering in the community, house barbeques, bicycle riding, and attend community events such as the Veteran’s Day Parade.  


Recent Fundraising Events

  • 3rd Annual Golf Tournament

When:   April 14, 2018      8 AM

Where:   Cocopah RV & Golf Resort